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You must hire demolition contractors if you want to renovate or perhaps entirely rebuild your home (or another property). The group can assist you with everything from a bathroom remodel to entirely demolishing your home.

Since they would require different tools and expertise, each jobs will require various teams. After all, tearing down drywall in an office is rather different from destroying the floors or fully destroying the wall.


You can manage the process with a small team if you are only removing wires, drywall, tiles, etc.... Only hammers and wire cutters will be necessary; if you're handy, you could probably complete this project without any extra instruments.


It becomes more difficult when fixtures are being removed. You'll typically find this in kitchens and bathrooms, so you'll need support from someone with electrical and plumbing skills. The team you choose must be knowledgeable in working with your cables and pipes, even if this does not necessarily entail hiring full-time plumbers and electricians.

If the workers removing your toilet (or other water-heavy fixtures) make a mistake, the worst-case scenario might result in your bathroom being completely flooded. The removal of your sinks, showers, and other water features shouldn't be attempted on your own, and you shouldn't engage novice demolition specialists.


A large staff is required for a significant renovation. For instance, you must totally remove your roof before building another storey onto your home. Your plumbing, electricity, and maybe heating systems as well as other domestic networks like telephone lines will be impacted by this.

To ensure that the move back in after the renovations goes as well as possible, you will need a team that includes professionals in each of these fields. After all, you don't want your plumbing, electrical wiring, phone connection, or Wi-Fi network to fail before you return home! You must ensure that the demolition contractors you employ are skilled in what they're doing.


The largest team and the most resources will be required to completely demolish your home or other building in order to rebuild it. To remove the broken pieces and properly dispose of them (especially if they contain hazardous elements like asbestos), you will need digging tools, excavators, cars, and workers.

On the plus side, since the house is already being completely destroyed, it doesn't really matter if your staff doesn't fully understand plumbing and electrical systems. When a structure is completely knocked down, it's more crucial that your demolition contractors are skilled at figuring out how to take it down quickly, efficiently, and in a way that keeps the foundations (if you still want them) and saves any materials you may use to rebuild.

As you can see, based on the task you need them to complete, you will need to seek for different qualities in your demolition contractors. Almost anyone can assist you with basic work, but if you are planning a more involved refurbishment or perhaps a total rebuild, you will need to employ a crew with the knowledge and tools to accomplish the job correctly.

Why choose Memates Demolition

At Memates Demolition, we have been providing demolition services to clients in the Sydney area for over 20 years.

We specialize in commercial and residential demolition and offer a wide range of demolition services. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of work while maintaining the safest work environment. ​

We have a strong and reliable reputation and offer a wide range of all demolition services. Our goal is to ensure that each project is completed safely, efficiently and on time.

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