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What is Involved In Commercial Demolition?

Updated: May 1, 2023

The practice of completely or partially removing or demolish unneeded structures, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, and other commercial properties, is known as commercial site demolition. While demolition may seem as simple as just tearing down structures, it actually involves a lot of thought and planning. When demolishing a site, safety must come first, especially if asbestos cleanup is involved.

Commercial site demolition is different from residential demolition in that it's more extensive, calls for more sophisticated equipment, and may even involve explosives.

Commercial Demolition
Commercial Demolition

Before you begin tearing down a commercial building

To avoid an unplanned collapse of all or a portion of the commercial structure, it is important to keep it in a safe and stable condition.

It should be taken into account:

  • The structure's stability;

  • The location, depth, and kind of potential basements, wells, and subterranean storage;

  • Public accessibility;

  • Separating walls;

  • neighboring buildings and properties

Is a permit required for commercial demolition?

Before you decide to demolish your commercial property, many local government agencies want a permit, along with the endorsement of an asbestos removal expert. These licenses can be processed in as little as two weeks, but this depends on your local council, so you'll need to get in touch with them to learn more.

A risk evaluation that evaluates the demolition process must also be finished. A qualified demolitions team will evaluate risks and look for asbestos, toxic materials, and other things.

Your commercial site demolition timetable will benefit from your preparation of a demolition plan that details the approach, potential environmental harm, and potential hazards.

The plans and schedule should also be shared with anyone who may be impacted by the destruction of your site, including nearby residents, staff members, and the general public.

You'll discover that in order to perform work when demolishing a site, the necessary licenses are required. By hiring a qualified demolition company, you can be sure that all necessary permits, such as those for demolition work, asbestos removal, high-risk work, or the use of explosives, are in place.

Why Choose Memates Demoltion?

Memates Demolition is the right business to call if you need commercial demolition services in Sydney. We employ people who have extensive experience in commercial demolition and provide them with regular training to sharpen their skills. We also invest in the latest tools and heavy equipment that help us do our job in a quick, safe, and efficient way.​

Our commercial demolition services includes: Retail Strip outs, Office Strip Outs, single-storey and multiple-storey buildings.

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