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5 Reasons Why It's Time to Knock Down & Start Again

We are all aware that Sydney's available land is being developed farther away from the city centre, on much smaller blocks, and with different lifestyles. These and other causes are causing homeowners to reevaluate their circumstances, with many choosing to follow the most recent fashion by tearing down their outdated homes and building new ones on the same plot of land.

If you have considered this notion but have not yet taken it any further, continue reading as we attempt to explain some of the benefits of demolishing and reconstructing.

demolition services in sydney
demolition services in sydney

Here are five reasons to start over after knocking something down.

1.Update and modernise

Things change, so perhaps it's time to update your living needs to better suit your new family dynamics and bring your house into the twenty-first century now that your children have grown up and left the nest.

Since home designs have changed over time, the type of home you built in the past may not be what you want today. The emphasis in today's homes is on entertaining outdoors in the lovely weather, with outdoor alfrescos taking the place of the antiquated "games room" with its dart board and snooker table.

The family room, kitchen, and meals area are quickly replacing the traditional dining room as the centre of the house. In today's environment, formal lounges are rarely used, but the home theatre with surround sound is unquestionably the winner in most modern home designs.

In conclusion, reconstructing your old home after demolishing it may enable you to take advantage of modern trends and styles as well as living needs and bring your house into the twenty-first century.

2. Bigger is better

In comparison to established blocks in the older suburbs, the property parcels generated by developers nowadays are modest. You are in a very advantageous position if you are fortunate enough to own one of the older, larger blocks. If you choose to go down that path, you have more freedom in terms of the type of home you may build, but if your block is large enough, you also have the option to subdivide it, build two homes, and sell one of them as part of your retirement plan.

If your current residence is situated on a larger lot, you have the option of starting over with your new home designs to maximise your living spaces and incorporate everything you may be lacking at the moment, such as kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, garage, or a smaller low maintenance garden.

3. Save money rebuilding

Which is more affordable, remodelling or tearing down and starting over? A good grade of finish for a new home will typically cost between $1000 and $1300 per square metre, according to home builders. Companies that renovate homes charge between $2500 and $3000 per square metre.

Depending on the scope of the renovation you are considering, you may consequently find that it is far more cost-effective to rebuild than to renovate. Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you decide to renovate a portion of your property, the "old" portion will ineluctably coexist with a brand-new "new" component. The old area might then start to appear a little worn-out and outdated in comparison, which may require you to think about remodelling it as well in the future. Naturally, all of this will increase the project's overall cost, not to mention the inconvenience of having to repeat the entire process.

4. Potential for Capital Gains

People adore living in the downtown and in the nearby suburbs. Once more, if you are fortunate enough to be in this position, you will have benefited from the capital boom that these places have had over the past 20 years. Future trends are not likely to deviate from this one. As long as people need to be close to the city centre, the attractiveness of the inner suburbs will only grow.

The possibility for even larger capital growth and the extra benefit of having the most eye-catching property on your street make it obvious that it makes sense to build a brand-new house on your current block.

5. I've lived in this neighbourhoods for a while and I adore it.

The largest benefit of dismantling and starting over where you are, aside from all of the previously mentioned rational financial and practical factors, is that you simply love your neighbourhood, have lived there for a long time, know all the neighbours, and don't want to go, and no longer must you!

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